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Opening and Why?


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Firing night 2


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firing night


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Friday, December 4, 2009

Killing Mary the Elephant

I'm copying this from my own blog, trying to support the Journey groups.
Anyone know why/how did our first blog die, please let me know.
I hope this one will be different. Truly!

I made this pot after reading the horror story of why and how Mary got hanged, after she stepped on her keeper's head. Before that, she was a big star full of talents in a circus almost a century ago. The black humor was that the chain actually broke.
I fantasize Mary just wouldn't die, even they try to execute her in different ways.
The second chain didn't break, but the crane came down ... ... ...
No gun is big enough .. .. ..
Electrocution! Not enough voltage to tickle ... ... ...
She simple would not touch poisoned food ..... ..... .....
My fantasy ended with her slow death of sadness, missing all the attention from her audiences, losing the special love from her owner.
This is a very strange image which stuck in my mind for a long time.

Monday, November 16, 2009

My first Journey Post, Lynne Martin

Hi...Lynne here. I guess no one wants to be the first to start...well, here goes. I've been home from My Journey workshop for about a month and I would have to say that getting started in a new direction is definitely difficult. It's not that I don't have new ideas, it's that old patterns of creating seem to flow from the fingers, so to speak.

I also think that in the beginning it's more mental, emotional and spiritual(for me anyway) than physical. In Steven's workshop, one of the things I was challenged to do is to "play" more in clay...allowing for playful discovery, and new directions. hmmm, Play....that's a hard one for me. I don't remember really playing "full out" as a kid...as strange as that may seem, there was always the "right way" to color or dress a doll, or jump on the trampoline, or swim..or whatever. I think that all my life I have been concerned with doing things the right way...getting it right., and the fear of failure and mistakes. I never really trusted my instincts or my "knower" as a friend calls it. Well, newsflash...I am learning to trust myself..and my instincts. I am hearing my own heart and following it...what will truly be interesting is how that translates into clay.

I'm a little slow getting my hands moving with tangible progress...but the mind and spirit are getting released and the sketchbook is filling up! (don't worry Steven, I am working, too)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

'09 Journey Workshop begins, '08 Journey Workshop continues...

We are about to conclude the first week of the '09 Journey Workshop and it has been an amazing week, rich with diversity amongst the 6 participants. They are each writing a "contract to themselves" for the upcoming year to be presented this afternoon. Tonight we will celebrate and tomorrow morning the participants will head off to studios in Alberta (Canada), Connecticut, Indiana, Florida, California, and Illinois to continue their journeys...

In less than 2 weeks the '08 Journey Workshop will re-conveine for their follow-up and show. If you can make it to Sandwich, Illinois, the gallery opening will be on Saturday, October 24, from 2-6pm. I look forward to seeing old friends sharing stories from the first year of their journey... a journey that will continue to unfold as long as they keep it alive...