Monday, November 16, 2009

My first Journey Post, Lynne Martin

Hi...Lynne here. I guess no one wants to be the first to start...well, here goes. I've been home from My Journey workshop for about a month and I would have to say that getting started in a new direction is definitely difficult. It's not that I don't have new ideas, it's that old patterns of creating seem to flow from the fingers, so to speak.

I also think that in the beginning it's more mental, emotional and spiritual(for me anyway) than physical. In Steven's workshop, one of the things I was challenged to do is to "play" more in clay...allowing for playful discovery, and new directions. hmmm, Play....that's a hard one for me. I don't remember really playing "full out" as a strange as that may seem, there was always the "right way" to color or dress a doll, or jump on the trampoline, or swim..or whatever. I think that all my life I have been concerned with doing things the right way...getting it right., and the fear of failure and mistakes. I never really trusted my instincts or my "knower" as a friend calls it. Well, newsflash...I am learning to trust myself..and my instincts. I am hearing my own heart and following it...what will truly be interesting is how that translates into clay.

I'm a little slow getting my hands moving with tangible progress...but the mind and spirit are getting released and the sketchbook is filling up! (don't worry Steven, I am working, too)